Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kevin Pierce presents: Key Lime Blues: A Wes Darling Mystery (audiobook production and narration)

By Mike Jastrzebski. Produced and narrated by Kevin Pierce.

For most people working in the family business means suits, power lunches and afternoon meetings. For Wes Darling it was guns, lies, and dead bodies. The Darling Detective Agency has been around since 1876. Now Wes' chain smoking, stressed out mother is grooming Wes to take over. How does he handle his mother's expectations? He heads to Key West, moves onto a sailboat, and takes a job tending bar at a little joint called Dirty Alvin's. Life is carefree until his mother's lover, a man who mentored Wes for years, is murdered a short distance from Dirty Alvin's.